How It Works

Getting Started

  1. Register
  2. Visit the faucet to get some Satoshi (or deposit some funds)
  3. Buy your tickets in the shop
  4. Win!


  • Each lotto draw starts with a far-off end date,
  • if the date is reached before all tickets are sold the draw will happen on the end date.
  • If all tickets are sold before the end date the draw will happen immediately.
  • Winners are notified by email. You can also check on your account page.
  • Winners using the faucet are required to verify via a social media account or forum post before receiving their prize.

Highest Return to Players

The best of the big lotteries (Megamillions) only pays out 77c per dollar received. They go as low as 50%. We pay out over 90%. (source site changed, link to instead)

Profits Go To Charity

100% of profits from this site go to clickforafrica to support their projects.